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Abstract #1183

Differences in Null Points between the Left and Right Ventricles in Contrast-enhanced Inversion-recovery MRI in Patients with Cardiac Diseases

Amano Y, Kumazaki T
Nippon Medical School

The purpose of this study was to assess the differences in the null points and signals of myocardia between right and left ventricles (RV and LV) in contrast-enhanced inversion-recovery MRI. Using Look-Locker imaging, null points of the RV myocardium were found to be shorter than those of the LV myocardium in nine of 26 patients. In these patients, the signal difference between the myocardia of the RV and LV was large in delayed contrast-enhanced MRI. Delayed contrast-enhanced MRI with a shorter inversion time should be performed to evaluate late enhancement of the RV myocardium.