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Abstract #1190

Cardiac function and infarct size assessment in the rat at 1.5T

Daire J, Hyacinthe J, Gunes Tatar I, Ivancevic M, Costa-Jorge M M, Montet-Abou K, Morel D, Brunet M, Vallee J
University Hospital of Geneva

The aim of this work is to demonstrate in a coronary artery occlusion model the feasibility of cardiac function imaging and infarct size assessment in rat on a 1.5T clinical MR system. Based on MR cine imaging and delayed enhancement, 7 rats were imaged at days 0, 2 and 9 after occlusion. MR imaging allowed to well describe infarct area and cardiac function in all cases with a good correlation with histological experiments. We also observed a natural partial recovery of heart function by an increase of global and local contraction.