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Abstract #1198

No Evidence for Iron Overload in the Heart of Multitransfused Elderly Patients with Sideroblastic Anemia (RARS): A Quantitative T2* weighted MRI study

Kushnir T, Leiba M, Rachmilewitz E, Konen E, Eshet Y, Winder A
The Chaim Sheba Medical Center

Iron overload is a known complication in multitransfused patients with MDS, contributing to morbidity and mortality. Studies in thalassemia demonstrated no correlation between iron levels in liver and heart. The purpose of this study was to use quantitative, noninvasive, T2* weighted MRI to evaluate the degree of iron overload in the heart and liver of transfused patients with the sideroblastic form of MDS. Our results suggest that iron accumulation in these patients is primarily in the liver and not in the heart. Thus, the mechanism of iron deposition in the heart seems to be different in different anemias.