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Abstract #1249

High resolution 3D T1&[rho] MRI of Knee Joint at 3.0T with Parallel Imaging

Pakin S, Schweitzer M, Regatte R, Cavalcanti C, La Rocca R
New York University, School of Medicine

We implemented and demonstrated high resolution 3D-T1&[rho]-mapping at 3.0T employing an 8-channel phased-array coil and parallel imaging (GRAPPA with acceleration factor 2). High resolution T1&[rho] images are acquired and high resolution 3D-T1&[rho]-maps are computed for both healthy subjects and OA patients by combining spin-lock imaging with GRAPPA. The capability of generating high resolution T1&[rho] maps shows promise for accurate localization of areas with elevated T1&[rho] values in early OA subjects and potential detailed follow-up.