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Abstract #1250

Rapid 3D-T1&[rho] Mapping of Knee Joint at 3.0T with Parallel Imaging

Pakin S, Xu J, Schweitzer M, Regatte R
New York University, School of Medicine

T1&[rho]-weighted MRI has been shown to be sensitive to early biochemical changes in cartilage. Total imaging time and RF energy deposition are two major concerns for implementing spin-lock techniques at high field strengths (3.0T). In this work, parallel imaging is utilized to provide solutions to these problems. The feasibility of 3D-T1&[rho]-weighted MRI of knee joint with parallel imaging (GRAPPA) is shown. The reproducibility of 3D-T1&[rho] maps as a function of acceleration factor (AF) in order to reduce the total imaging time and deposited RF energy is also demonstrated in phantom and in vivo studies.