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Abstract #1259

Complex relationship between changes in oxygenation status and changes in R2* : the case of insulin and NS-398, two inhibitors of oxygen consumption.

Cron G, Baudelet C, Jordan B, Crokart N, Ansiaux R, Gallez B
Universit Catholique de Louvain

Insulin and NS-398 inhibit oxygen consumption in experimental tumor models, thereby increasing oxygenation and radiosensitization. The aim of this work was to use MRI to study changes in hemodynamics after administration of those oxygen consumption inhibitors. We compared BOLD parameters with DCE-MRI data as well as with pO2 results obtained by EPR oximetry. Variations in BOLD SI and R2* did not reflect the change in pO2. To explain the discrepancy between changes in pO2 and the lack of change in R2*, it may be noted that EPR provides extracellular measurements whereas R2* results from the intravascular compartment only.