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Abstract #1264

Improved mapping of extracellular pH in C6 gliomas by 1H MRSI shows low correlation between Lactate concentration and pHe changes induced by infusion of glucose

Provent P, Farion R, Benito M, Hiba B, Ballesteros P, Rmy C, Segebarth C, Coles J, Cerdn S, Garca-Martn M, Lpez Larrubia P
U594, Univ Grenoble 1

Extracellular pH (pHe) is more acid in tumors than in normal tissue and shows a very heterogeneous distribution within the tumor. Because most tumors exhibit a characteristic high glycolytic metabolism, it became widely accepted that this is the main cause of tumor acidity. In a previous work, using one of these new methodologies, we reported that no correlation between pH and lactate concentration could be found in vivo in C6 gliomas. In the current communication we further investigated the correlation between glycolytic metabolism and tumor acidity by looking at the changes in lactate concentration and pHe produced by glucose infusion.