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Abstract #1265

C6 glioma cells depict an active pyruvate recycling system that is redox sensitive

Ruiz G, Mateos G, Cerdn S, Rodrigues T
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas ""Alberto Sols"

The pyruvate recycling pathway has been demonstrated in intact brain and astrocyte cultures as well as in the intact liver. Pyruvate recycling has been proposed to be involved in intracellular protection against redox and free-radical stress, but no direct evidences have been presented on its redox sensitivity. Here, we report the presence of pyruvate recycling in C6 glioma cells and demonstrate its dependence on the intracellular redox state. Our results show that C6 glioma cells, depict a considerable activity of the pyruvate recycling system, which increases remarkably under oxidized redox conditions. These findings support a detoxifying function for this pathway.