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Abstract #1281

Potentiation of cyclophosphamide chemotherapy using the antiangiogenic drug thalidomide: Importance of optimal scheduling to exploit the normalization window of the tumor vasculature

segers j, Difazio V, Ansiaux R, Martinive P, Feron O, Wallemacq P, Gallez B

At the early phase of anti-angiogenic treatments, a transient ""normalization"" of the tumor vasculature occurs, with a transient increase in tumor perfusion. EPR oximetry can been used to determine the timing of this normalization after thalidomide treatment. The technique allowed us to predict the optimal timing during thalidomide treatment for the administration of the cytotoxic agent cyclophosphamide. Indeed, a good correlation was observed between the reoxygenation of the tumor and improved delivery of drug into the tumor.