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Abstract #1283

Modulated Radiation Force of US as Shear Wave Source in Microscopic MRE

Meral F, Ozer B, Magin R, Othman S, Royston T
University of Illinois at Chicago

Microscopic magnetic resonance elastography (&[mu] MRE) is a high resolution imaging technique for measuring the viscoelastic properties of small synthetic and biological samples. Taking MRE to the microscopic scale requires stronger static fields, stronger magnetic field gradients, higher performance RF coils, and more compact, higher frequency shear wave actuators. Modulated radiation force of ultrasound (MRFU) is used to create a localized shear wave source within the test sample enabling &[mu] MRE probing up to 5 kHz. Use of confocal and amplitude-modulated ultrasound transducers to create such a source within the working constraints of the &[mu] MRE system is investigated.