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Abstract #1342

Three-dimensional magnetic resonance microscopy of pulmonary solitary tumors in transgenic mice

Takahashi M, Kubo S, Levantini E, Kobayashi S, Kocher O, Tenen D
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The field of cancer modeling in mice is progressing at an accelerated pace to create mouse models that accurately reproduce the genetic and histopathological alterations present in human tumors. This has highlighted the need to follow the temporal and spatial patterns of pulmonary solitary tumor progression in small rodents. Using synergistic strategies to increase MR microscopic sensitivity, we attempted to detect, characterize and volumetrically analyze the pulmonary solitary tumors in vivo. The results showed that the correlation with histological findings was over 95%, which offers the promise of in vivo MR microscopic assessment of pulmonary solitary tumors in transgenic mice.