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Abstract #1344

SPI measurement of MR signal and T2* in order to characterize emphysema type changes in a tight skin mouse model

Olsson L, Hockings P, Lindahl M, nnervik P, Kvist Reimer M, Palmr M, Hultin L

MR signal intensity at short detection times (0.2 ms and 0.4 ms) and T2* of in vivo mouse lungs was measured at 4.7 T using Single Point Imaging. The Tight Skin mouse was used as a model for emphysema. In vivo microCT scanning and histology were used as reference methods. MR signal and T2* was significantly lower in lungs with emphysema than in controls. MR signal in lung parenchyma correlated linearly with CT mass density, and T2* correlated linearly with the alveoli size (MLI).