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Abstract #1404

Evaluation of a Novel Catheter-Vessel Model for MRI to Access Infused Drug Distribution in Target Artery and Catheter Design

Yoshikawa T, Ohno Y, Fujii M, Sugimura K, Uchida K, Hirota S, Kitagaki H
Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of a new catheter-vessel model for MRI to evaluate of drug distribution and to optimize of catheter design for intra-arterial infusion therapy. The model consisted of a hepatic artery simulant tube through which water flowed continuously and a water cistern. Catheters were inserted into the tube and a gadolinium contrast medium was injected. Axial images of the tube were obtained. 5- and 2.7-Fr catheter were tested. Drug distribution near the catheter tips was clearly visualized and mixing points could be determined. This model appeared to be effective.