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Abstract #1405

Development of RF coil for integration system of endoscope with MRI for esophageal examination

Kuroda K, Imagawa K, Kumamoto E, Ozaki T, Gotanda M, Matsuoka Y, Mori Y, Murakami K, Matsumoto M
Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation, Tokai University

Final purpose of this study is integration of endoscopy and MRI, which could provide precise diagnosis of tumor invasion. For this system, specific RF coil for the endoscope on 3T MRI was developed, which could facilitate to determine and identify location of MR image on optical image. The availability of the developed coil was exhibited by the MR image of gelatin phantom including fruit. And also the influence of the endoscope equipments on MRI was considered as not so serious matter. Basic function of the developed MR-endoscope system could be useful for the examination of tumor invasion.