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Abstract #1435

Contrast enhanced MRI guided photodynamic therapy for non-invasive treatment of cancer

Vaidya A, Jeong E, Lu Z, Ke T, Sun Y
Unviersity of Utah

MRI-guided photodynamic therapy is advantageous over current interventional therapies due to its non-invasive nature. Efficient detection of tumors and dynamic tracking of drugs by MRI would facilitate site-directed irradiation, avoiding non-specific exposure. For this dual purpose, we have developed polymer conjugates where both mesochlorin e6 (photosensitizer) and Gd-DOTA (contrast agent) were attached to the poly-(L-glutamic acid). Polymer conjugates without drug served as controls. MRI contrast enhancement and efficiency of PDT were evaluated in mice tumor models.The conjugates showed increased contrast enhancement on MR images in tumor tissue at 18 hours post injection. Compared to controls, animals receiving drug showed tumor regression and 100% survival.