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Abstract #1436

Quantitative Real-Time Imaging for MR-Guided Internal Radiation Therapy

Winkelmann S, Seppenwoolde J, Schaeffter T, Bakker C, Doessel O, Seevinck P, Vonken E
University of Karlsruhe

For accurate MR-guidance of the local delivery of drugs or agents, online and fast quantitative feedback about the dynamic biodistribution is strongly required. In this work, a simultaneous imaging and R2*-mapping technique was successfully applied to quantitative monitoring of the distribution of microspheres that were loaded with the paramagnetic radionuclide Holmium. These microspheres are currently under investigation for MR-guided internal radiation therapy of liver tumors. The technique profits from time-efficient sampling of a radial multi-gradient-echo sequence and yielded adequate morphologic images and R2*-maps during the selective administration of Holmium-loaded microspheres to parts of the livers of two living pigs.