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Abstract #1437

Adult Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue for Cardiac Repair

Li G, Deng J, Deslauriers R, Tian G, Wang J, Xiang B, Gruwel M, Li Y, Kashour T, Jackson M
Harbin Medical University

Synopsis: Stem cell therapy, especially with adult stem cells, has a great promise for ischemic heart disease. Because of its potential to trans-differentiation into cardiomyocytes and high number, we believe that the stem cells in adipose tissue may be a good cell source for cardiac repair. The present study was to develop methods for isolation, culture, labeling of the adipose-derived stem cells chemically and genetically. We have successfully obtained adipose-derived stem cells from the mouse, rat, and pig. The stem cells labeled with ferumoxide could be monitored with MRI for approximately two weeks. Transfection of the stem cells with adenovirus-GFP did not significantly affect their proliferation ability and viability.