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Abstract #1438

Simultaneous Quantitative Flow-Measurement using MRI and Optical Coherence Doppler Tomography

Yu H, Chen Z, Gulsen G, Nalcioglu O
University of California

This abstract presents a development of MR-compatible Optical Coherence Doppler Tomography (OCDT) system via a fiber-optic based Michelson interferometer and a MR-compatible optical probe. OCDT system is capable of simultaneously imaging static structure and spatially resolved flow dynamics of sample in very high resolution (order of 10 m), which could be used to complement MRI in such application as capillary-level blood flow measurement or to validate MRI measurement when used simultaneously. The systems MR-compatibility and performance was tested with 4T MRI scanner using a laminar-flow phantom. The results show a good quantitative correlation of velocity profile (R2=0.96) between these two imaging modalities.