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Abstract #1440

Needle placement accuracy in MRI-guided prostate biopsy of prostate cancer

Hata N, Blumenfeld P, DiMaio S, Zou K, Haker S, Tempany C
Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

This work aims to quantify needle placement accuracy in MRI-guided core biopsy of the prostate. Needle placement error was assessed in 10 clinical prostate biopsy cases, retrospectively. The source of placement errors was evaluated by in controlled phantom studies. The mean and standard deviation of the errors in targeted biopsies was 6.53.5mm. Relatively small correlation was found among different tissue types in trials with the symmetric needle (p=0.23), compared to trials with the asymmetric needle (p<0.0001). The analysis of needle susceptibility artifact yielded a mean artifact shift of 1.60.4mm along the direction of the frequency encoding. The results suggested that current accuracy of MRI-guided core biopsy of prostate has room for improvement and use of symmetric needle may be useful.