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Abstract #1451

Early MRI characterization of cerebral edema following diffuse traumatic brain injury in rat

Farion R, Payen J, van de Looij Y, Segebarth C, Lahrech H, Francony G, Carle O
INSERM U594, Univ Joseph Fourier

The objective of this work was to characterize brain edema early after diffuse brain traumatic injury in rats. Evaluation of brain edema was achieved using diffusion, quantitative T1 and T2 MR Imaging. The Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) permeability was examined after administration of Gd-Dota and manganese Contrast Agents (CA). Histology and microgravimetry were performed to confirm MRI results. The diffusion results revealed that ADC is a promising parameter for the early detection of post-traumatic cerebral edema. The early ADC decrease provides evidence that cellular edema is predominant, confirmed by the CA MRI and histological results where the BBB is found intact.