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Abstract #1462

Dynamic Tissue Fates Tracking in Acute and Sub-acute Phase of a Transient Occlusion Rat Model

Shen Q, Ren H, Duong T, Fisher M, Bardutzky J
Emory Unviersity

The acute and sub-acute phase spatiotemporal dynamics of 30 minutes transient focal ischemic brain injury in rats were evaluated on a pixel-by-pixel basis using quantitative CBF and ADC measurements. The core and mismatch tissues before reperfusion were categorized to six groups according to their fates. The ADC and CBF values of different groups were dynamically tracked and tissue volume percentages were also summarized. About one third core tissues were permanently recovered. More than 70% mismatch pixels were salvaged by reperfusion. Hyper-perfusion was observed at 24-hr post-occlusion and could imply the presence of secondary injury.