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Abstract #1478

In vivo observation of hypernatremia during sodium lactate infusion

Xu S, Zhu W, Shen J
National Institute of Mental Health

Hypernatremia was observed in vivo during sodium lactate infusion. The effect of hypernatremia on brain metabolites was quantitatively analyzed using 1H MRS of &[alpha]-chloralose anesthetized rat brain performed at 11.7 T. The levels of aspartate (F(8,72)=2.258, P<0.03), glutamate (F(8,72)=10.545, P<0.0005) and taurine (F(8,72)=3.689, P<0.001) were found to be altered significantly due to prolonged sodium lactate infusion, consistent with the known effect of hypernatremia observed in previous in vivo studies. During sodium lactate infusion, the lactate levels in both artery (F(8,56)=6.681, P<0.0005) and brain (F(8,72)=11.198, P<0.0005) were significantly increased which are consistent with previous findings in rats using in vivo 1H MRS.