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Abstract #1485

MRI and MRS study of a transgenic mouse model of D1 dopamine receptor positive striatal cell depletion

Fang K, Gantois I, Wang H, Wu Q, Yang Q, Drago J, Egan G
Howard Flory Institute

We have created a transgenic mouse model with post-natal striatal D1 receptor positive (D1R+) cell loss [1] to mimic the human Parkinson-plus syndromes and Huntingtons disease (HD). Transgenic mice survive for an extended period of time allowing us a significant experimental time window to elucidate the mechanisms of brain disorders characterized by striatal cell loss. Several MRS studies have shown the striatal impaired energy metabolism and neuronal dysfunction in HD mouse model and human. The purpose of this study was to investigate brain changes using MRI and MRS in a transgenic model of D1R+ cell depletion. T2-weighted RARE MRI and 1H PRESS MRS were used to reveal anatomical changes and to monitor brain metabolism respectively.