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Abstract #1490

Measurement of T1 relaxation times of major metabolites in the mouse brain at 11.7 and 17.6 Tesla using voxel-localized proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Webb A, Neuberger T, Neubauer S, Schneider J, Faber C, Behr V
Huck Institute Magnetic Resonance Centre, UNIVERSITY OF WUERZBURG

Characterization of the relaxation times of brain metabolites at different field strengths is important both for optimizing data acquisition parameters and for establishing control conditions in order to measure changes induced by pathology. In this work, water-suppressed localized 1H-MR spectroscopy has been performed on volumes less than 20 &[mu]L in the mouse brain in vivo at 11.7 and at 17.6 tesla. Our results show a slight increase of the T1 values from 11.7 to 17.6 tesla.