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Abstract #1492

Quantitative 1H MRS in the rat hippocampus after global ischemia

Hajek M, Sykova E, Vorisek I, Jirak D
IKEM, Charles University, 2nd Faculty of Medicine

The aim of our study was to determine, using proton MR spectroscopy, metabolic changes in the rat hippocampus after ischemia during one month. The concentrations of Cho, Cr, Ins and Tau did not change significantly during whole experiment. Gln changed significantly from controls 1 week after occlusion of carotides, we observed its decrease. Concentration of Glu significantly increased only 1 day after ischemia, and then returned to normal. NAA+NAAG decreased significantly 3 days and 1 week after ischemia. Our results support published data which referred to a decline in NAA concentration and increase in Glu concentration after ischemia.