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Abstract #1506

Biocompatibility of Sapphire and Borosilicate glass for Neural Prosthesis Using MRI and Histopathology

Parthasarathy K, Brabant K, Cheng Y, Shen Y, Li J, Haacke E, McAllister II J, Auner G
Wayne State University

The research has an emphasis on in-vivo testing of biocompatibility of novel materials namely for development of neural prosthesis for treating blindness, Parkinso?s disease and movement disorders. We analyzed the compatibility of sapphire and borosilicon glass by assessing the inflammation, edema and hemorrhage around the implant. Hemorrhage, inflammation and tissue interference were observed in the sapphire implanted animals on 10th and 28th day. Thus MRI techniques may provide a non-invasive tool to monitor the resolution of inflammation and hemorrhages after implantation, and for the better design of neuro - prosthetic devices.