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Abstract #1510

Cerebrospinal Fluid Pulsatility Model and its Validation

Kim J, Jackson A, Thacker N, Bromiley P, Payne S
University of Manchester

Observation of equilibrium among the arterial flow, CSF flows and venous flowwithin cranium is crucial in clinical conditions such as hydrocephalus,vascular dementia which could occur when the equilibrium is disturbed.Flow-sensitive MR images show that intracranial CSF flow is pulsatile and is driven bythe arterial flow into the brain. We have developed an electrical circuitequivalent model of intracranial pulsatility and verified the model usingflow date obtained from MR images of 24 normal subjects. We have obtaineda set of parameter from a subsetof the normal subject which can explain intracranial pulsatile flows.