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Abstract #1546

T2* Perfusion Imaging at 7.0 Tesla using 3D PRESTO: initial results

Gieseke J, Thompson M, Meyer C, Schild H, Duraj J, Hoogenraad F, Scheef L, Kuhl C, Manka C
Philips Medical Systems

7.0 Tesla ultra high field systems are currently being introduced for clinical imaging, focusing on high resolution structural imaging and fMRI applications due to the inherent gain of SNR. However, no perfusion results have yet been shown. Single-shot EPI at 7.0 Tesla will suffer from severe distortions, while multi-shot techniques can often not establish the required temporal resolution. In this abstract we investigated the use of a multi-shot technique with echo-shifting to overcome some of the distortions and to prevent low temporal resolution. Good perfusion results were obtained, showing the first perfusion maps at 7.0Tesla.