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Abstract #1561

Quantitative MR Imaging and Spectroscopy in Childhood White Matter Disorders

van der Voorn P, Hart A, van der Knaap M, Barkhof F, Pouwels P
VU University Medical Center

MR imaging is highly sensitive in the detection of white matter lesions. In contrast, it has a limited specificity with regard to the pathology underlying the white matter signal abnormalities. Our aim was to investigate whether quantitative MR parameters, including MTR, ADC, FA and MRS metabolite concentrations, allow discrimination of different types of pathology underlying white matter signal abnormalities. MRS, DTI and MTI was performed in 41 leukodystrophy patients and 41 controls.Linear discriminant analysis showed that 95% of all patients were classified correctly using total creatine, choline-containing compounds, myo-inositol, MTR and ADC. Adding other parameters did not improve this.