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Abstract #1564

Longitudinal evaluation of HSV brain tumor therapy using diffusion tensor MR imaging

Bian W, Akella N, Nabors L, Karrasch M, Markert J, Mescheder A, Evanochko W, Moore S
University of Alabama at Birmingham

G207 is a modified type-1 herpes simplex virus that is used to kill cancer cells. Diffusion tensor MR imaging can measure pathological changes at the cellular level and was used to assess G207-therapy response. We report a study investigating mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy values as surrogate markers for quantitative efficacy evaluation of G207-therapy. Three patients with malignant brain tumors were imaged longitudinally using conventional anatomic and diffusion tensor MRI. Changes in mean diffusivity and fractional anisotropy in the tumor margins were calculated. Results suggest that these parameters complement traditional volumetric approaches while evaluating therapy response.