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Abstract #1563

Evaluating the Impact of Cancer Therapy on the Developing Brain

Merchant T, Ogg R, Ji Q, Jain J, Phillips N, Glass J, Reddick W, Gajjar A
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This study presents a comprehensive MR evaluation of the impact of cancer therapy on the developing brains of children treated for cancer. Conventional imaging for tissue segmentation, dynamic-susceptibility contrast imaging, and diffusion tensor imaging were acquired, processed and fused with composite radiation dosimetry to assess WM. Evaluations were conducted at baseline, post cranial irradiation, and at 12 month follow-up for five subjects. White matter volumes significantly increased immediately post irradiation but returned to baseline values. Diffusion measures of ADC in the posterior quadrants decreased significantly immediately post irradiation and were still depressed at follow-up. CBV/CBF values were not significantly changed but MTT was significantly shorter at follow-up.