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Abstract #1568

Lessons from functional brain mapping in pre- and intra- operation for low-grade glioma: insights into associations between tumour and brain plasticity

Jiang T, Li S, Dai J, Li Z, Zhang Z, Sun Y, Gao P, Duan C, Ma J
The Capital University of Medical Science Affiliated Beijing Tian Tan Hospital

To explore brain language function reorganization in response to progressive growth of low-grade gliomas (LGGs) using preoperative functional MRI (BOLD-fMRI and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)) and intraoperative functional brain mapping (direct electrical stimulation). For patients with LGGs affecting the left language regions, two ways were recruited into language processing networks during progressive growth. One is intra-hemisphere, and the other is inter-hemisphere. Our data provide evidence of effective plasticity in the progressive growth of the LGGs, which should assist presurgical planning, define surgical indications, predict the risk of postoperative deficit and aspects of operative surgical neuro-ocology.