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Abstract #1570

Imaging blood vessel volume in high grade gliomas at 3T using susceptibility-weighted imaging and dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion MRI

Cha S, Nelson S, Chang S, Lupo J, Lee M
University of California, University of California

As MRI scanners move to higher field strengths, traditional techniques to measure relative cerebral blood volume in brain tumors such as dynamic susceptibility-contrast perfusion MRI become a challenge due to increased B0 inhomogeneity and magnetic susceptibility differences that cause signal drop out and geometric distortions in echo-planar imaging. New methods are needed to assess vessel density from susceptibility-weighted imaging and to evaluate the potential of this technique at higher field strengths compared to DSC MRI. This study demonstrates how SWI and DSC MRI are different but complementary techniques that can be combined to more accurately assess tumor vascularity.