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Abstract #1575

Comparison of T1 to T2* Derived Parametric Maps in Brain Tumor Patients

Nelson S, Mayo M, Lee M, Cha S, Zierhut M
UCSF/UCB Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering, UCSF

This study compares two DCE-MRI methods to investigate which is more useful for brain tumor characterization, as measured by histologic tumor grade. T2* derived parameters for cerebral blood volume (CBV) and MR signal recovery were compared to T1 derived parameters of fractional blood volume (fBV) and vascular permeability (KPS). Both methods' blood volume parameters correlate well with literature. KPS was found to have a significant correlation with tumor grade (p<0.02). No other parameters showed a significant correlation with tumor grade. These results suggest that T1 derived parameters may be more useful than T2* derived parameters for characterizing brain tumor grade.