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Abstract #1593

Automated Versus Manual Scan Positioning: a Quantitative Analysis

Bos C, Young S, Bergmans R, Hoogenraad F, Springorum R, Bystrov D
Philips Medical Systems

Automated scan prescription holds the promise of improving workflow and planning consistency. This study focuses on axial geometry planning in the brain. Accuracy and variation are compared between an automated planning system and scan prescription by experienced technologists. Prescribed off-center and angulation parameters were analyzed. The automated planning routine was accurate to within 1.5 degrees on all angulations. Particularly, the alignment to the corpus callosum shows less variation with the automated planning routine, viz. 1.3 degrees, versus an interoperator variability of 2.2 degrees. In conclusion, at sites where several technologists perform scan prescription, automatic planning can significantly improve consistency.