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Abstract #1594

Measurement of subpixel motion of the lateral ventricular walls

Wagshul M, McCormack E, Egnor M, Manzione J, Wei T, Voorhees A
Stony Brook University

While pulsations of CSF in the brain are presumed to be driven by the arterial pulse entering the cranium, the means of transfer of these pulsations from the arteries to the ventricles remains a mystery. Using 3D cardiac gated, cine balanced SSFP images of the ventricles and motion tracking techniques, subpixel wall motion over the cardiac cycle was observed. Peak motion was approximately 0.1 pixels, primarily of the superior wall of the lateral ventricle. Further development of this technique will allow accurate measurement of net ventricular wall motion, which may help explain CSF flow patterns in diseases such as hydrocephalus.