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Abstract #1606

The size of corpus callosum normalized by the intracranial or brain parenchymal volume exhibits a significant difference between male and female brains

Watanabe H, Mitsumori F, Takaya N
National Institute for Environmental Studies

Sex-difference of corpus callosum is a long standing controversy. We extracted the cross-sectional area of corpus callosum in the mid-sagittal plane as well as volumes of total grey, white matters and CSF in 33 male and 36 female subjects. The absolute area of corpus callosum did not show significant sex-difference However, the normalized area by the intracranial or parenchymal volume exhibited a significant difference. Considering that individual differences in the brain size and age-dependent change are compensated in the normalized area, it is concluded that there is a significant sex-difference in the size of corpus callosum.