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Abstract #1607

De-scalping of the brain in echo planar DT-MRI

Rathore R, Gupta R, Saksena S, Trivedi R, Mishra A, Mohan P, Haris M, Rathore D, Bayu G, Singh A, Sarma M, Purwar A
Indian Institute of Technology

De-scalping a brain stack has applications in visualization, surface rendering, decreasing algorithmic complexity, etc. Many applications of brain imaging improve through it, e.g., (a) in DT-MRI registration of b0-images to DW stacks containing a considerable portion of eyeballs, skin etc., (b) tissue-type segmentation via DT-MRI, which helps in isolating brain tissue from other parts such as CSF, (c) in the removal of strong ghosting effects in EPI, (d) dynamic range in visualization of DT-MR metrics improves. This work describes an effective automatic procedure for de-scalping brain for EPI-MR axial images, which has favorable performance as compared with BET in MRI-Cro.