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Abstract #1620

Subcompartmental Cesium Diffusion in Healthy and Globally Ischemic Rat Brain

Ackerman J, Neil J, Goodman J
Washington University in St. Louis, Washington University in St. Louis

Cesium-133 can be used as a compartment specific analog of water motion in vivo. One extracellular and two intracellular resonances have been observed in brains of live 133Cs loaded rats. In healthy brain tissue the two intracellular resonances have similar ADCs, 1.0 0.2 and 0.9 0.4 &[micro]m2/ms. Following global ischemia the first ADC remains unchanged while the second drops to 0.24 0.04 &[micro]m2/ms. Findings suggest that the decrease in intracellular water ADC associated with cell injury is not uniform across different subcellular compartments and is due mainly to a decrease in the ADC of water in organelles.