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Abstract #1640

Longitudinal, Radial, and Circumferential Myocardial Velocities in Patients with Ventricular Dyssynchrony

Delfino J, Bhasin M, Leon A, Eisner R, Oshinski J
Georgia Institute of Technology/ Emory University

The purpose of this study was to quantify three-dimensional (radial, circumferential and longitudinal) myocardial velocities in normal volunteers and patients with dyssynchrony using navigator-echo gated MR phase velocity mapping. Longitudinal, radial and circumferential velocities were compared between normal volunteers and patients. Significant differences were found in both the radial and longitudinal, but not the circumferential, peak systolic velocities between normal volunteers and dyssynchrony patients. The timing of peak systolic contraction was also found to be significantly delayed in the lateral wall of dyssynchrony patients compared to normal volunteers.