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Abstract #1641

Pre- and postcontrast Three-dimensional Cardiac Cine MRI using SENSE and k-t BLAST

Amano Y, Kumazaki T, Suzuki Y
Nippon Medical School

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of 3D cardiac cine MRI compared with 2D cine MRI. SENSE and k-t BLAST were employed to speed up the 3D cine MRI, and consequently permitted the breath-hold 3D cardiac cine MRI with the functional data comparable to the 2D cine MRI. The use of gadolinium injection increased the contrast between myocardium and ventricular cavity in the 3D cine MRI, whereas precontrast 3D cine MRI provided the acceptable contrast. Three-dimensional cardiac cine MRI using SENSE or k-t BLAST was useful for rapid acquisition of cardiac functions.