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Abstract #1645

An MRI-based Beating Heart Model

Wei Q, Slaughter R, Riley R, Wilson S, Strugnell W, Crozier S, Appleton B, Xia L, Liu F
The University of Queensland

In this report, we use cardiac MRI to generate a personalised electrical heart model so as to investigate the cardiac electrical activities and its resulting body surface Electrocardiographic potentials (BSPM). The BSPM and endocardial potentials can then be used for the detection of life threatening arrhythmias and other diseases. In our study, we construct a beating heart model based on our segmented myocardial contours from multiple-slice MRI time sequences. The moving heart model is then situated inside a MRI-based electromagnetic human torso model. The ECG simulations demonstrate that the inclusion of heart motion is essential to accurately model surface potentials.