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Abstract #1646

Balanced 2D Radial Acquisition SSFP of the Mouse Heart at 7 Tesla

Johnson G, Bucholz E
Duke University

A 2D Radial Acquisition(RA) SSFP sequence was developed at 7T for the purpose ofcine mouse heart imaging. RA was chosen due to its immunity to motion artifactsand signal fluctuations, shorter repetition time, and reduced gradient demands.In the phantom, RA-SSFP resulted in 4X increase in SNR. In the live mouse,RA-SSFP increased SNR in the myocardium and blood by a factor of 2 and 1.5respectively. The sequence was designed to allow encoding on the outward andinward trajectory resulting in the formation of two images with ability toincrease SNR, temporal resolution and create BO maps.