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Abstract #1687

Direct quantification of lactate and high energy phosphates in exercising human skeletal muscle by interleaved localised 1H DQF, 1H- and 31P STEAM

Meyerspeer M, Kemp G, Mlynrik V, Krk M, Szendroedi J, Roden M, Moser E
Vienna Medical University

An interleaved 31P- and 1H MRS method is presented bywhich lactate accumulation and the accompanying changes in phosphorusmetabolites, pH and total creatine concentration can be monitored in calfmuscle during plantar flexion exercise and recovery. A localiseddouble quantum filter for suppression of lipids at 1.3 ppm is implementedwith short TE to account for orientation dependent dipolar coupling oflactate in anisotropic muscle tissue, enabling backcalculation of lactateabsolute quantification. We show good agreement between directly measuredlactate and that measured biochemically and inferred indirectly from31P MRS data.