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Abstract #1688

Energy metabolism in the extensor muscles of the hand and wrist of musicians with overuse syndrome studied by 31P-MRS

Moreno-Torres A, Rosset J, Pujol J, Fbregas S
Centre Diagnostic Pedralbes - Cetir Grup Mdic

We sought to study the energy metabolism of the pathological hand and wrist extrinsic extensor muscles in musicians with overuse syndrome during a low-intensity exercise protocol by 31P-MRS. The results showed a Pi peak splitting into a high-pH and a low-pH component associated with the overuse condition, an incapacity to reach the Pi/PCr steady-state observed in control subjects and twofold higher values of such ratio in subjects showing Pi peak splitting compared with subjects who did not. Such results suggest that the extensor muscles in overuse patients have a greater reliance on glycolitic sources of energy and diminish oxidative performance.