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Abstract #1712

Magic Angle MR Microscopy and T2 Quantification of Intervertebral Discs Highlights the 3-Dimensional Collagen Structure

Matyas J, Foniok T, Dunn J
University of Calgary, University of Calgary

MRI with T2 quantification and MR microscopy was used to image bovine caudal discs at 9.4T. Imaging was done at two orientations with respect to Bo to maximize the magic angle effect. This was combined with water analysis, polarized light microscopy and photographs of cryosections. Annular striations were visualized that extended between the endplates. Cryosections showed similar structures. These changed T2 and signal with orientation, indicating organized collagen. Water was lower in the annulus. The nucleus showed texture suggestive of some degree of collagen organization. This MRI imaging showed novel information about the macroscopic structure of disc cartilage.