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Abstract #1713

Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Measurement for Evaluation of Vertebral Normal Variations in the lumbar spine

Heshiki A, Sato Y, Kozawa E, Hoshino T, Nishi N
saitama medical school

The purpose of this study is to measure ADC value based on diffusion weighted MRI in the vertebrae of lumbar spine and evaluate location dependent. Forty-two patients were entered the study. DWIs were obtained with spine echo sequences and three b factors=0,300 and 800. Mean and SDs were calculated. The mean values of ADC were compared the Tucky-Kramer test using commercially available software. Significance was defined at p less than 0.01. The mean ADC for vertebrae were L1:L2:L3:L4:L5=34.8+/-22.3:26.3+/-18.1:32.1+/-16.3:37.3+/-15.7: 45.3+/-23.1 x 10-5 mm2/sec, respectively. The mean ADC for L5 was significantly higher than that of L1, L2, L3 and L4 (p<0.01).