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Abstract #1737

High SNR, Microscopic Imaging of Skin Lesions

Maderwald S, Ladd S, Ladd M, Stock F, Paul T, Liffers A, Barkhausen J, Gambichler T, Quick H
University Hospital Essen

A surface RF receive coil dedicated for high-resolution in vivo MRI of human skin was designed to open up new perspectives for noninvasive imaging and characterization of human skin diseases. The coil provides high SNR, which allows performing high-resolution imaging within short examination times. In vivo measurements were successfully performed and evaluated in ten healthy volunteers and six patients with skin tumors, resulting in images with excellent quality. The imaging concept, combining a high-SNR RF coil and dedicated high-resolution imaging protocols, provides detailed anatomic display of normal human skin as well as skin lesions such as basaliomas and melanomas.