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Abstract #1738

Abnormal post-ischemic reperfusion patterns in the skeletal muscle of serotonin deficient mice identified by arterial spin labeling coupled to SSFSE imaging

Bertoldi D, Fligny C, Fromes Y, Carlier P, Cote F, Vodjdani G
Institut de Myologie

Post-ischemic hyperemia patterns were determined in leg skeletal muscles of mice using pulsed ASL combined to SSFSE imaging. In contrast to wild-type animals, serotonin deficient mice, obtained by knock-out of tryptophan-hydroxylase 1 gene, were unable to maintain prolonged post-ischemic vasodilatation. These results suggest that serotonin might play a role in the control of post-ischemic vasodilatation in the skeletal muscle.