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Abstract #1750

Longitudinal MR studies of human mammary carcinoma cell brain metastasis in nude mice at 7 Tesla

Martinez A, Simoes R, Cerdn S, Sierra A, Ars C
Institut de Recerca Oncolgica

Brain metastasis were induced in BALB/c nude mice by intracarotid injection of MDA-MB-435 human mammary carcinoma cells and its progression characterized in vivo by using different MR approaches: T2, CE-T1, diffusion imaging and single voxel spectroscopy at 35 and 136 ms echo time. Brain Metastasis developed in 5 out of 7 animals studied with an heterogeneous kinetics. MRS pattern changes indicated replacement of normal brain parenchyma by aggressive tumour cells while automated pattern recognition analysis showed the potential of this approach as a non-invasive tool for tumour staging and grading in animal models.